KRK at Mobile Beat 2018 Las Vegas

Mobile Beat 2018 Las Vegas
KRK at Mobile Beat LVLast week, KRK was onsite at the Tropicana Resort for Mobile Beat 2018.  Mobile Beat is an education-based conference attended by mobile music makers and mobile DJs from all over the world.  It’s hosted by the publication KRK Mobile Beat LV 7 who have gone into great detail about how the Mobile DJ business works for over 20 years.  Quite frankly, our first attendance here at MBLV2018 proved to be an eye-opening experience on how the Mobile DJ business has evolved in terms of technology.  You couldn’t walk more than 20 feet without seeing some sort of cool new lighting solution or gadget, nor could you avoid getting sucked into the educational panels that were constantly offering enlightening ideas and advice for the business.

Comparing KRK Monitors
Las Vegas is the type of place where you forget how big it is until you fly over it again.  Besides the “Las Vegas Strip,” the land surrounding the main area is incredibly KRK Mobile Beat Las Vegas 1expansive.  Although we didn’t cover too much ground outside of the Tropicana on this trip, we did have a great setup for Mobile DJ’s and music creators to compare all the different KRK monitors side by side.  If you ever have the chance in the future, we highly recommend you visit us at one of these shows.  Having the ability to monitor the same source with all the different KRK lines and sizes really gives you the opportunity to hear the differencesMobile Beat KRK lineup 1 with what we offer.  It’s a great experience and we love conversing with everyone who comes down to visit.  We also always encourage bringing your own tracks so that you can really get a good sense of how KRK can help isolate trouble spots in the mix.  (You also just may walk away with a KRK coffee mug 😉 KRK Mobile Beat LV Coffee Mugs 1

Cerwin-Vega CVE at the Party
CVE-FAMILY-113 - 200 tallBesides the KRK Rokit and V-Series speakers, we were also demonstrating the Cerwin-Vega CVE powered loudspeaker line.  This new CVE line is NOT your Grandfather’s Cerwin-Vega system😉.  With 1000 watts a side, Bluetooth connectivity, and weighing in at only 35lbs, it’s something you truly must hear to believe.  boxes finalThe tops come in 10” 12” and 15” speakers and the line also offers an earth shattering 18” sub that throws incredible low end for a mobile unit.  We had enough cardboard at this event to build a box-castle! 😉


Vanilla Ice Delivers a Beat-down
KRK Mobile Beat Vanilla IceBesides forgetting how big Las Vegas really is, one other thing we overlooked was how bad-@$$ headliner Vanilla Ice is. Mr. Rob Van Winkle knocked down an impressive set for the Mobile DJ conference-goers and we have to admit that it’s hard not to be a fan of this guy when you see him live in his new element.  It’s easy to spot conviction when you see it these days, and he certainly leaves it all out on the stage while absolutely enjoying what he’s doing – good stuff!KRK Mobile Beat LV 5

For more information please visit:

KRK V-Series

KRK Rokit Series

Cerwin-Vega CVE systems

Mobile Beat

Vanilla Ice

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