KRK ROKITs Provide Versatility and Consistency for Jim Lawton’s Home Studio

Brand’s Studio Monitors Offer Authentic Voicing for the Musician, Producer, and Songwriter’s Cross-Genre Audio Productions

From sync work and music production to songwriting for various genres, British Musician, Producer, and Songwriter Jim Lawton is making his mark across the music industry. The past couple of years have been a culmination of Lawton’s hard work, as he has achieved multiple sync credits with Disney+, Warner, Beatstar, and ESPN while also working alongside a number of genre-crossing artists. As the frontman and songwriter for his rock project Electric Enemy, Lawton recently immersed himself in producing the project’s self-titled debut album, set to release on April 21. To help achieve this, Lawton added a pair of KRK ROKIT 5 Studio Monitors to his home studio, completely upgrading his sound and workflow.

“When I received my ROKITs, I found the difference to be instantaneous,” Lawton says. “Whether I’m producing rock, dance, or pop, the audio quality was immediately noticeable. What I love most about them is that they tell me the truth about what I’m hearing!” In addition to his KRK monitors, Lawton also relies on his Logic Pro DAW and is currently teaching himself to use Ableton to further enhance his production work.

The ROKITs’ ability to handle a variety of genres is what made them an ideal addition to Lawton’s studio and his expansive production and songwriting credits. In addition to writing for and being featured alongside “The Godfather of Garage Music,” Todd Edwards, Lawton also works with No. 1 charting artist Example, Costa Rican musician Patiño, R&B and pop artist Jaki Graham, and rock artist Bang Bang Romeo. With such an impressive roster of artists in his workload, Lawton knew he needed studio monitors that could handle anything that was thrown at them. “I love the ROKITs because, despite their smaller size, they still get the bass tones out clearly, which is crucial for dance, pop, and reggaeton,” he adds.

When his focus changed to his personal work on Electric Enemy’s album, the ROKITs continued to improve Lawton’s production experience. “All of my songs are first laid out in my home studio,” he explains. “From there, we take certain sections to professional studios and work with brilliant producers such as Sam Miller, Pete Hutchins, and Adrian Bushby to build upon that groundwork until it’s strong enough to add drum kits and guitar amps. Setting the foundation is critical, which is where the KRKs come in: when tuned properly to your room with the KRK Audio Tools app, the ROKITs give you very clear highs without ‘control room syndrome,’ where everything sounds great because it’s super loud and bassy.”

Though Electric Enemy’s debut album is being released soon, Lawton has already begun production on the project’s second album, with the ROKITs by his side. “Nothing makes me happier than meeting new people, sitting down, having a laugh, and creating music,” he says. “Album two is a culmination of everything I have learned from meeting so many amazing artists and working in so many different genres. Even in the demo phase, this album’s sound is already there thanks to the KRK ROKITs, as well as my Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer guitars. There’s no denying that, for all my work, the ROKITs are by far the most important piece of gear in my home studio.”

Find more examples of Lawton’s work on Spotify, HERE.

Luca Guercio Finds Mega Sound in a Small Size With KRK GoAux

Musician and Composer Relies on Brand’s Portable Solution for On-the-road Songwriting Applications

From small, neighborhood performances to touring throughout Europe, Italian Musician and Composer Luca Guercio has been wowing audiences his entire life. Growing up playing a variety of genres, Guercio initially started with the trumpet after being inspired by the works of jazz visionaries like Chet Baker and Miles Davis. But a strong desire to write his own music turned him to the guitar, and before long, he had fallen in love with rock music. Today, Guercio has combined his love for writing and playing, working as a composer for various soundtracks and performing self-written tracks while touring with rock band Meganoidi.

With such an appreciation for the art of songwriting, Guercio expects his gear to provide the same quality, reliability, and versatility that he himself dedicates to his craft. Among these is the KRK GoAux 4 Portable Monitor System, which he discovered while on tour with Meganoidi. “The portability and high-quality sound of the GoAux 4 monitors make them ideal for working on the road with limited equipment,” he explains. “This is my first pair of mobile speakers, and they are making things so much easier for me. I can now manage my time better and work in so many different places that were never an option before GoAux.”

Luca Guercio with his KRK GoAux 4 Portable Monitor System.
Luca Guercio with his KRK GoAux 4 Portable Monitor System.

While on tour, Guercio found himself working on new Meganoidi songs, as well as compositions for the soundtracks of the audiobook, “Come Il Leone e la Farfalla,” and the documentary “Wine On Tour,” both of which will be distributed soon on Amazon Prime. Guercio credits his GoAux 4 monitors as being a perfect fit for these critical listening applications. “The GoAux offers consistently excellent sound quality, which makes them a reliable choice no matter the location,” he adds. “The Bluetooth® function is also very useful—it allows me to use the monitors in any situation, both on their own and with other devices. Now I’m able to work on tour and always have excellent listening quality.”

Although relatively new to working with the brand, Guercio has long been familiar with the iconic yellow and black look of a KRK studio monitor. “I’ve only recently gotten my own space for my production work,” he explains. “In the past, I would go to recording studios, and I always liked the look and sound of the yellow speakers. I get that same sound quality with the KRK GoAux, which has made it possible for me to be much more precise when working on the road.”

Now that Meganoidi’s tour has wrapped up, Guercio is in the planning stages for his next projects. As he looks to the future, he hopes to continue incorporating the GoAux into his workflow, both on and off the road. “I have several projects in mind that I think will benefit from the high-quality sound and portability of the GoAux 4,” he shares. “In my opinion, KRK offers a great balance of quality and value compared to other brands that I have tried. I’m looking forward to using GoAux for my future work.”

Photo Caption: Luca Guercio with his KRK GoAux 4 Portable Monitor System.

Photo Credit: Elisa Casanova. Find more of Elisa’s work on Instagram @elisacasanovafotografa.

KRK GoAux Offers On-the-road Clarity and Accuracy for Tremaine “Six7” Williams 

Artist and Production Manager Crafts Mobile Masterpieces With All-in-one Monitor Solution 

After wrapping up a string of on-the-road gigs with Mariah Carey this past winter, it’s clear that Producer, Stage Manager, Backline Crew Chief, and Production Manager Tremaine “Six7” Williams is no stranger to mobile production. Although he started his career with the iconic music production team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, working on GRAMMY®-nominated pieces for artists such as Janet Jackson, Usher, and 50 Cent, Williams has since transitioned to the live events world. He has worked on Carey’s Christmas shows for the past nine years, in addition to touring with Bruno Mars and Swedish House Mafia. With such a busy schedule, Williams doesn’t always have a traditional studio to work from, which is why he recently turned to the KRK GoAux Portable Monitor System for reliable and accurate mobile monitoring.

“I’m moving around every day at this point, so I need consistent monitoring everywhere I go, but I also need to be travel-ready,” Williams says. “It’s the little things that help me ― like not having to use an interface. I can just connect the speakers via USB and treat them as an interface. The ARC feature is also great because I’m in different rooms every day, and now I can get a more accurate bass response, which is what I need for the type of music I’m working with. Plus, being able to set up anywhere is a huge help, as is the travel bag that comes with it. With my previous portable monitors, I had to buy the bag and the accessories. The GoAux system comes with everything included.”

The all-in-one packaging of the GoAux system isn’t the only thing that sets them apart from the previous, industry-standard, portable monitors that Williams used. “Compared to my old speakers, the bottom and top-end on the GoAux stand out for sure; they are both so clean,” he adds. “When I run greatest hits mixes, with songs and masters that span over many years, everything is clean, loud, and not distorted. It sounds really good, no matter what songs we jump to. It sounded great when we were mixing, too, and also translated when we moved into a different space. That’s the biggest part for me ― who cares if it sounds great in front of you if it doesn’t sound great when you’re in another space?”

After using the GoAux with his production partner, Daniel Moore, who is coincidentally also Carey’s Music Director, Williams noted that the monitors already made a lasting impression. “We try to match speakers so that when we’re in different spaces, we can still hear what the other person is hearing,” he explains. “The team consists of all audiophiles, so once one of us finds a good product, it benefits us all to have it. Even on our off days, we end up in each other’s hotel rooms working on different projects, so we all need to use the same speakers. I’m sure the rest of the team will also be making the switch to GoAux. My favorite experience with the GoAux so far was when I pulled them out for the first time in band rehearsals ― everybody lost their minds.”

While the KRK GoAux Monitors have his back on the road, Williams also likes to rely on his KRK ROKIT White Noise Studio Monitors and S10.4 Subwoofer for at-home monitoring and referencing. “The way the ROKITs translated in my room, I knew they were it for me,” he says. “The digital EQ on the back is also great; I love having that to show me the graphic EQ, among other options, rather than having to flip switches up and down to find the settings I need. It’s brilliant. But, again, clarity and translation are everything for me. Since I move around so much, it has to translate from space to space. KRK just works exactly how I need.”

Moa Munoz Couldn’t be “Happier” With KRK Studio Monitors

Bassist for Olivia Rodrigo Relies on V-Series Studio Monitors for Consistent, True-to-sound Audio

Swedish bassist and songwriter for visual media Moa Munoz has aspired to be a rockstar for as long as she can remember. With a degree from the Musician’s Institute and touring experience with the indie band Bay Ledges, she has been able to turn that dream into a reality. Today, Munoz is the bassist for pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo and Indonesian singer/songwriter NIKI, and recently wrapped a number of performances on NIKI’s Asia tour. Now back in the studio, Munoz plans to finish crafting her sound for television and film projects and teaching the newest generation of young female bassists.

Munoz’s studio sits tucked in a Los Angeles neighborhood, which she has stocked with KRK ROKIT 7 G4 Studio Monitors for all her visual media work. “This is where I write and teach, where I record my vocals and scream my lungs out,” she says. “I wanted monitors that would be completely accurate―when I write music for film and television, it’s a lot of fun, bouncy basslines mixed with my super bratty, confident vocals. The ROKITs give me a very true sound every single time. Whether I pull up my vocals here or in a different studio, I know they’ll be accurate.”

Even when she’s on the road, Munoz doesn’t want to slow down her mixing work. “I’m a workaholic, and I love what I do,” she explains, “I don’t always write as much when I’m on tour, but I still have my gear with me. I will usually bring my MESA Subway D-350 Ultra-Compact Bass Amp and 2×10 Subway Diagonal Bass Cabinet; the head is so compact that it’s easy for me to bring wherever. But even if I can’t travel with that amp, one great thing about my ROKITs is that the sound quality holds up in the low-end to practice bass: it’s awesome. When I’m on tour, I’ll only bring a very basic set-up because I still need to be able to meet short deadlines and set up in a hotel room or in the back of the bus. I’m looking forward to trying out the KRK GoAux Portable Monitor System for that exact reason.”

After wrapping another tour of rumbly, pop-rock shows, Munoz can’t help but reflect on her journey as an artist. “It really feels like everything has come full circle for me,” she says. “One of my earliest introductions to music was seeing Mötley Crüe live in concert, with Nikki Sixx shredding on a Gibson Thunderbird Bass. After moving to the U.S. as a broke college student, I was using old, gifted KRK ROKIT 5 Studio Monitors. Now, I have my very own Thunderbird, which my tech Skitch and I are so pumped to take on tour, and I’m able to rely on my brand-new KRK ROKITs for my professional production work. I’m just super excited to work with such iconic brands from such an amazing company―the 15-year-old in me is screaming! To now be a part of the Gibson and KRK family is so cool.”

Learn more about Moa Munoz and her work on Instagram at @givememoa.

KRK GoAux Come in Clutch for Italian Producer Giuvazza

Italian Producer, Songwriter, and Musical Artist Giuvazza Maggiore, best known simply as “Giuvazza,” is no stranger to KRK. After being introduced to the brand in 2015, Giuvazza became a loyal user of the iconic black and yellow solutions. A multi-faceted artist who started his career as a guitarist on Italian TV programs before turning to songwriting and producing, Giuvazza knows the importance of having your work translate to listeners the exact way it’s produced in the studio. With KRK’s V-Series 8 Studio Monitors, KNS 8402 Headphones, and GoAux 3 Portable Monitor System, Giuvazza has been able to achieve the consistent accuracy for which he strives.

 Pictured: Giuvazza with his KRK GoAux 3 Portable Monitor System and KNS 8402 Headphones.

“There is no way you can compare KRK with any other brand. First of all, I love the look and feel, especially the distinct colors. I also love that the KRKs reproduce sound perfectly, no matter what kind of studio you have. KRK offers me the faithful reproduction of the sound I have in mind, especially on the low frequencies.”

Gyo Kretz Produces Versatile On-the-go Hits With KRK GoAux

Amsterdam-based songwriter, producer, and performing artist Gyo Kretz strives to be as adaptable of a creative as possible—a fact that is made clear from his extensive musical palette. From pop tunes and hip-hop beats to melodic singer-songwriters and electrifying EDM hits, Gyo prides himself on having worked with a variety of artists and genres, with successful releases on labels such as Sony, Universal Music Group, Spinnin’ Records, and more. As an artist who values flexibility so highly, Gyo expects the same from his studio monitors, and he found this in the new KRK GoAux 4. A portable monitor system that brings studio sound to any location, the GoAux are proving perfect for his on-the-go lifestyle.

Pictured: Gyo Kretz with his KRK GoAux 4 Portable Monitor System.

“The KRK GoAux 4 Portable Monitor System is the perfect example of a great portable and trustworthy set of speakers. They provide just the right amount of boost to make that work-in-progress tune sound extra full. No matter if I’m producing a new single or using them for a spontaneous listening session, the KRK GoAux are simple to use and continue to be a great tool.”

DJ White Shadow Crafts On-the-go Hits for Industry Superstars With KRK GoAux

GRAMMY® Award-winning Producer and DJ Tests Brand’s New Portable Monitors in the Studio and on the Road

Paul Blair, a GRAMMY® Award-winning producer, musician, songwriter, and DJ, is one of the hottest creators in the music industry thanks to his work with the likes of Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Lil Jon, and T-Pain. Better known by his stage name, DJ White Shadow, this superstar has composed for Gaga’s ‘A Star is Born’ soundtrack and most recently served as music supervisor for the upcoming film, ‘Pierre the Pigeon Hawk.’He also co-founded Sweet Dreams Society, an immersive, artist-in-residence program and creative community for emerging musicians. With so many projects constantly in the works, White Shadow was looking for a mobile monitoring solution that would allow him to produce wherever the industry takes him while also being powerful enough to provide electrifying and reliable sound quality.

When Gibson released the KRK GoAux 4 Portable Monitor System, he knew they would be exactly what he needed. “I spent a good ten days on the road with the KRK GoAux speakers,” he says, “and they are just such a fantastic product. [They provide] unbelievable sound and the portability of them is incredible.” This new professional-quality monitor solution is available in two sizes―the three-inch GoAux 3 and the four-inch GoAux 4 ― and features a compact portable design with Bluetooth technology. A complete nearfield reference monitor solution, the GoAux delivers the same natural and balanced frequency response that has become synonymous with the KRK name.

Between working on the road while touring or squeezing in sessions while traveling to new projects,White Shadow is confident in the GoAux’s ability to impress any client or on-the-go producer. “It’s incredible how much sound comes out of this smaller package,” he explains. “It’s so much better than listening through headphones. I was able to walk away from the computer, let my track keep playing, and move around in multiple environments, from a hotel room, and on a plane, to a regular studio. I could also play music for people and collaborate with [other artists] on the road. I even went to the studio and was able to listen to what the [GoAux] mix sounded like on the [full-size] KRKs, and the translation between the two was incredible.”

Now that he’s gotten a taste of life with the KRK GoAux, White Shadow can’t turn back. He looks forward to further incorporating these monitors into his workflow and sharing the love with any and all interested artists. “Everyone that I showed the KRKs to was like, ‘When did these come out?’ It’s a piece of gear that I’m totally going to add to my travels when I’m bouncing around and working on a project. This is the best quality for a carry-along speaker that I’ve ever encountered.”

Watch DJ White Shadow take the GoAux on his global tour, HERE.

KRK Unveils New GoAux Portable Monitor System

Artists, Producers, and Engineers Are Now Free to Take Legendary Studio Quality, Anywhere

Introducing the new GoAux from KRK, an entirely new level of pro audio designed to adapt to any environment.

Borrowing from over 30 years of innovation, KRK has expanded its studio monitor offerings with the introduction of the new GoAux Portable Monitor System. Available in two compact sizes, the three-inch GoAux 3 and four-inch GoAux 4 are professional-quality monitors with a portable design, featuring Bluetooth technology. As a complete nearfield reference monitor solution, the GoAux delivers the same natural and balanced frequency response that has become synonymous with the KRK name in a new mobile-friendly size for engineers, producers, DJs, artists, and mixers of all genres. The KRK GoAux is available worldwide now at authorized KRK dealers and on

The launch of GoAux marks an industry first, with KRK offering a unique and complete portable monitor solution for traveling audio professionals on a budget. Both the KRK GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 are all-in-one monitors that can’t be found anywhere else. The KRK GoAux monitors feature Bluetooth capability, allowing users to connect wirelessly to their smartphone, computer, or other Bluetooth-capable audio devices, in addition to standard 1/8-inch Aux and RCA stereo inputs.

“With so many artists back into the swing of travel after COVID lockdowns, we realize that the ability for them to produce and collaborate on the move is critical,” says Sterling Doak, Director of Marketing for Gibson Brands. “This addition to our line of studio monitors provides the solution: the perfect sized―three inches or four inches―monitors in a carrying case, with renowned KRK fidelity, and the freedom for anyone to take the studio anywhere. This is a paradigm shift for creating when creativity strikes.”

With KRK GoAux speakers, glass aramid woofers work alongside a one-inch soft textile dome tweeter in a bi-amplified two-way design, while durable rear-ported ABS cabinets supply an impressive bass extension. Users can also adjust their monitors’ response to the room and personal preference thanks to built-in LF and HF EQ. The added option of connecting headphones to the front panel 1/8-inch stereo output automatically mutes the GoAux speakers for a silent monitoring option.

Unique to the GoAux 4 are additional features, such as a measurement microphone and built-in Auto ARC (automatic room correction). This allows for automatic optimization of the speakers’ response to the acoustic environment. The GoAux 4 also exclusively offers additional USB and 1/4-inch TRS balanced stereo inputs.

The GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 each come as a set of monitors, along with power and speaker cables, adjustable isolating stands, and a carrying bag, and are now available globally for purchase. The GoAux 3 starts at $349 MAP, with the GoAux 4 starting at $419 MAP.

Watch as DJ White Shadow, aka Paul Blair, takes the GoAux on his global tour, HERE.

Explore the new KRK GoAux, HERE.

New Immersive Dolby Atmos Studio, Instrumentoz, Relies on KRK ROKITs

While the immersive audio sphere may have exploded in popularity over the past year, it is still generally regarded as out-of-reach for many up-and-coming artists. With the goal of successfully debunking these myths, Instrumentoz, a music technology company and studio space for beginner producers, artists, and creators, has paved the way for everyone to experience Dolby Atmos mixing. To maintain reliability and accessibility while also adhering to Dolby requirements, Instrumentoz is stocked with KRK ROKIT Studio Monitors and S12.4 Subwoofers.

Located in the heart of downtown Miami’s arts district, the main goal of Instrumentoz is not to be a traditional studio but a place for creatives to work their magic. “It is a place where producers can start learning how to record and mix music in Atmos―I call it a producer’s playground,” says Instrumentoz Founder, Carlito “Sway” Cobos. “We chose the ROKITs as an affordable option for quality audio and build. Plus, the White Noise versions in the space complement the creative atmosphere.”

KRK ROKITs were selected for Instrumentoz because of their reputation in the audio recording scene, as well as for the monitors’ SPL, which meets Dolby’s minimum loudness requirements. “Using KRK for immersive mixing gives the perfect low-end, and the tuning and equalization are so accurate, especially when combined with the KRK S12.4s, which is an ideal subwoofer for Dolby Atmos.”

Javier Delgado and Carlito Cobos pictured at Instrumentoz.

Instrumentoz has truly become an immersive Dolby Atmos studio, with musical duo Unfollow Me recently producing and mixing their single “Unavailable” in the space. “The lead singer told us she was blown away by how immersive the music was in the room,” says Cobos. “She said she could hear everything panned out around her, as opposed to just on two speakers coming at you, and that having all the song elements spread out, rather than being masked in the stereo mix, was amazing.” Cobos has also been working alongside Dolby Atmos-certified Engineer Javier Delgado on different immersive mixes for artists such as Lunaty Npt from Colombia, Dominican Rapper El Nephew, and Miami-based TikTok sensation Tre Oh Fie.

“I started Instrumentoz because I wanted producers to have a place to make immersive music, rather than just focusing on the final product with the engineers,” Cobos adds. “There’s a myth that you need a huge budget to start mixing in Atmos, but the KRK ROKIT line hits professional standards while allowing you to get into creative mixing. The ROKITs made it possible for us to create this space for producers, who can potentially use it as a model for their own studios in the future.”

Photo Credits: Florida Film House

Actor/Singer Mauro Castillo is Enchanted with KRK

Oscar and GRAMMY Award-Winning Musician Relies on Brand’s Pro Audio Solutions for Recording and Mixing Applications

Before the world knew him for singing about Bruno, singer, actor, trombonist, and musical producer Mauro Castillo was crafting award-winning music inspired by his home country of Colombia. Growing up, Castillo immersed himself in his culture, singing, playing salsa, and learning the folkloric hand-drum-based music of Colombia. After obtaining an art degree from the Universidad de Valle, Castillo went on to lead GRAMMY® Award-winning salsa band Grupo Niche, along with releasing his own GRAMMY- and Latin GRAMMY-nominated music as a solo artist. It is with his solo career that Castillo first entrusted his craft to KRK, most recently calling on the brand’s ROKIT 10-3 Three-Way Studio Monitors, S8.4 and S10.4 Subwoofers, V-Series 4 Studio Monitors, and KNS 6402 Headphones.

Mauro Castillo in his home studio with his KRK V-Series 4 Studio Monitors.

First introduced to the brand by engineer Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya, Castillo recognized the iconic yellow cones of KRK’s Exposé line from his time in recording studios throughout Miami. When it came time to work on his second studio album, “La Receta,” Castillo got his hands on KRK’s ROKIT 10-3 Studio Monitors. “KRK has been a reference ally for me for a long time, since at least 2016,” he says. “For my second album, I wanted a three-way speaker that could help me hear how my sounds would be distributed through bigger systems. The ROKIT 10-3 was a great option for my budget when I was working on that album; they were exactly what I was looking for.”

Today, Castillo relies on his KRK S8.4 Subwoofer for consistent and accurate audio in his home studio. “It’s amazing because it allows you to have an accurate reference of how it will sound in a car or in a nightclub,” he explains. “It’s lightweight and easy to use, and a great option if you’re trying to pursue your dreams. It just complements my studio very well. I also borrowed a KRK S12.4 subwoofer from a friend, for my recent single ‘ChaCha Me.’ It worked great for catching the low frequencies of that song, which has a nightclub vibe.”

Perhaps one of the most notable ways Castillo uses his KRKs is with his non-profit, La Puerta Music, a program designed to teach low-income students the ins and outs of the music industry from professionals around the world. For the organization, Castillo records tutorials and shares music business information from his studio in Bogotá. “I wanted a little more from my amplifiers, so I purchased the KRK S10.4 Subwoofer,” he explains. “It does all the low frequency management for me. It really allows my amplifiers to just do their thing.”

Mauro Castillo with his KRK KNS 6402 Headphones.

Beyond offering Castillo’s experiences, La Puerta Music also holds a wealth of knowledge from all corners of the musical world. “I found that there are a lot of people with the energy and motivation to learn music, but they are without the services or tools to learn,” he adds. “I made an open call to singers, trombonists, producers, writers, and instrumentalists to be a part of this community. Now, I have a large group of professionals working alongside me, including producers who have worked with Missy Elliot and Beyoncé, helping teach the popular music concepts, and how to play both traditional and salsa music. We also provide databases that allow working artists to record and share their performances for students to view.”

Moving forward, Castillo will put his newest gear from KRK―the V-Series 4 Studio Monitors and KNS 6402 Headphones, through the paces. “They’re very cool for recording voices,” he says about the headphones. “They cut well, and I like the medium register on them. I’ve only used them for recording so far, but I’m excited to try them out with mixing as well.” He finishes saying; “I know there are a lot of pricier options, but I trust KRK for referencing because I know my mixes will be accurate to what the listener experiences in the outside world.”