KRK Unveils New GoAux Portable Monitor System

Artists, Producers, and Engineers Are Now Free to Take Legendary Studio Quality, Anywhere

Introducing the new GoAux from KRK, an entirely new level of pro audio designed to adapt to any environment.

Borrowing from over 30 years of innovation, KRK has expanded its studio monitor offerings with the introduction of the new GoAux Portable Monitor System. Available in two compact sizes, the three-inch GoAux 3 and four-inch GoAux 4 are professional-quality monitors with a portable design, featuring Bluetooth technology. As a complete nearfield reference monitor solution, the GoAux delivers the same natural and balanced frequency response that has become synonymous with the KRK name in a new mobile-friendly size for engineers, producers, DJs, artists, and mixers of all genres. The KRK GoAux is available worldwide now at authorized KRK dealers and on

The launch of GoAux marks an industry first, with KRK offering a unique and complete portable monitor solution for traveling audio professionals on a budget. Both the KRK GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 are all-in-one monitors that can’t be found anywhere else. The KRK GoAux monitors feature Bluetooth capability, allowing users to connect wirelessly to their smartphone, computer, or other Bluetooth-capable audio devices, in addition to standard 1/8-inch Aux and RCA stereo inputs.

“With so many artists back into the swing of travel after COVID lockdowns, we realize that the ability for them to produce and collaborate on the move is critical,” says Sterling Doak, Director of Marketing for Gibson Brands. “This addition to our line of studio monitors provides the solution: the perfect sized―three inches or four inches―monitors in a carrying case, with renowned KRK fidelity, and the freedom for anyone to take the studio anywhere. This is a paradigm shift for creating when creativity strikes.”

With KRK GoAux speakers, glass aramid woofers work alongside a one-inch soft textile dome tweeter in a bi-amplified two-way design, while durable rear-ported ABS cabinets supply an impressive bass extension. Users can also adjust their monitors’ response to the room and personal preference thanks to built-in LF and HF EQ. The added option of connecting headphones to the front panel 1/8-inch stereo output automatically mutes the GoAux speakers for a silent monitoring option.

Unique to the GoAux 4 are additional features, such as a measurement microphone and built-in Auto ARC (automatic room correction). This allows for automatic optimization of the speakers’ response to the acoustic environment. The GoAux 4 also exclusively offers additional USB and 1/4-inch TRS balanced stereo inputs.

The GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 each come as a set of monitors, along with power and speaker cables, adjustable isolating stands, and a carrying bag, and are now available globally for purchase. The GoAux 3 starts at $349 MAP, with the GoAux 4 starting at $419 MAP.

Watch as DJ White Shadow, aka Paul Blair, takes the GoAux on his global tour, HERE.

Explore the new KRK GoAux, HERE.

New Immersive Dolby Atmos Studio, Instrumentoz, Relies on KRK ROKITs

While the immersive audio sphere may have exploded in popularity over the past year, it is still generally regarded as out-of-reach for many up-and-coming artists. With the goal of successfully debunking these myths, Instrumentoz, a music technology company and studio space for beginner producers, artists, and creators, has paved the way for everyone to experience Dolby Atmos mixing. To maintain reliability and accessibility while also adhering to Dolby requirements, Instrumentoz is stocked with KRK ROKIT Studio Monitors and S12.4 Subwoofers.

Located in the heart of downtown Miami’s arts district, the main goal of Instrumentoz is not to be a traditional studio but a place for creatives to work their magic. “It is a place where producers can start learning how to record and mix music in Atmos―I call it a producer’s playground,” says Instrumentoz Founder, Carlito “Sway” Cobos. “We chose the ROKITs as an affordable option for quality audio and build. Plus, the White Noise versions in the space complement the creative atmosphere.”

KRK ROKITs were selected for Instrumentoz because of their reputation in the audio recording scene, as well as for the monitors’ SPL, which meets Dolby’s minimum loudness requirements. “Using KRK for immersive mixing gives the perfect low-end, and the tuning and equalization are so accurate, especially when combined with the KRK S12.4s, which is an ideal subwoofer for Dolby Atmos.”

Javier Delgado and Carlito Cobos pictured at Instrumentoz.

Instrumentoz has truly become an immersive Dolby Atmos studio, with musical duo Unfollow Me recently producing and mixing their single “Unavailable” in the space. “The lead singer told us she was blown away by how immersive the music was in the room,” says Cobos. “She said she could hear everything panned out around her, as opposed to just on two speakers coming at you, and that having all the song elements spread out, rather than being masked in the stereo mix, was amazing.” Cobos has also been working alongside Dolby Atmos-certified Engineer Javier Delgado on different immersive mixes for artists such as Lunaty Npt from Colombia, Dominican Rapper El Nephew, and Miami-based TikTok sensation Tre Oh Fie.

“I started Instrumentoz because I wanted producers to have a place to make immersive music, rather than just focusing on the final product with the engineers,” Cobos adds. “There’s a myth that you need a huge budget to start mixing in Atmos, but the KRK ROKIT line hits professional standards while allowing you to get into creative mixing. The ROKITs made it possible for us to create this space for producers, who can potentially use it as a model for their own studios in the future.”

Photo Credits: Florida Film House

Actor/Singer Mauro Castillo is Enchanted with KRK

Oscar and GRAMMY Award-Winning Musician Relies on Brand’s Pro Audio Solutions for Recording and Mixing Applications

Before the world knew him for singing about Bruno, singer, actor, trombonist, and musical producer Mauro Castillo was crafting award-winning music inspired by his home country of Colombia. Growing up, Castillo immersed himself in his culture, singing, playing salsa, and learning the folkloric hand-drum-based music of Colombia. After obtaining an art degree from the Universidad de Valle, Castillo went on to lead GRAMMY® Award-winning salsa band Grupo Niche, along with releasing his own GRAMMY- and Latin GRAMMY-nominated music as a solo artist. It is with his solo career that Castillo first entrusted his craft to KRK, most recently calling on the brand’s ROKIT 10-3 Three-Way Studio Monitors, S8.4 and S10.4 Subwoofers, V-Series 4 Studio Monitors, and KNS 6402 Headphones.

Mauro Castillo in his home studio with his KRK V-Series 4 Studio Monitors.

First introduced to the brand by engineer Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya, Castillo recognized the iconic yellow cones of KRK’s Exposé line from his time in recording studios throughout Miami. When it came time to work on his second studio album, “La Receta,” Castillo got his hands on KRK’s ROKIT 10-3 Studio Monitors. “KRK has been a reference ally for me for a long time, since at least 2016,” he says. “For my second album, I wanted a three-way speaker that could help me hear how my sounds would be distributed through bigger systems. The ROKIT 10-3 was a great option for my budget when I was working on that album; they were exactly what I was looking for.”

Today, Castillo relies on his KRK S8.4 Subwoofer for consistent and accurate audio in his home studio. “It’s amazing because it allows you to have an accurate reference of how it will sound in a car or in a nightclub,” he explains. “It’s lightweight and easy to use, and a great option if you’re trying to pursue your dreams. It just complements my studio very well. I also borrowed a KRK S12.4 subwoofer from a friend, for my recent single ‘ChaCha Me.’ It worked great for catching the low frequencies of that song, which has a nightclub vibe.”

Perhaps one of the most notable ways Castillo uses his KRKs is with his non-profit, La Puerta Music, a program designed to teach low-income students the ins and outs of the music industry from professionals around the world. For the organization, Castillo records tutorials and shares music business information from his studio in Bogotá. “I wanted a little more from my amplifiers, so I purchased the KRK S10.4 Subwoofer,” he explains. “It does all the low frequency management for me. It really allows my amplifiers to just do their thing.”

Mauro Castillo with his KRK KNS 6402 Headphones.

Beyond offering Castillo’s experiences, La Puerta Music also holds a wealth of knowledge from all corners of the musical world. “I found that there are a lot of people with the energy and motivation to learn music, but they are without the services or tools to learn,” he adds. “I made an open call to singers, trombonists, producers, writers, and instrumentalists to be a part of this community. Now, I have a large group of professionals working alongside me, including producers who have worked with Missy Elliot and Beyoncé, helping teach the popular music concepts, and how to play both traditional and salsa music. We also provide databases that allow working artists to record and share their performances for students to view.”

Moving forward, Castillo will put his newest gear from KRK―the V-Series 4 Studio Monitors and KNS 6402 Headphones, through the paces. “They’re very cool for recording voices,” he says about the headphones. “They cut well, and I like the medium register on them. I’ve only used them for recording so far, but I’m excited to try them out with mixing as well.” He finishes saying; “I know there are a lot of pricier options, but I trust KRK for referencing because I know my mixes will be accurate to what the listener experiences in the outside world.”

Modern Machines Energizes Crowds with Original Songs Crafted Using KRK Studio Monitors

If there’s one thing Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, and musical artist Dimitry Mak, aka Modern Machines, needs when he’s in the studio, it’s trust―in his gear and himself. As a self-taught producer, he trusts his gut in the studio, crafting songs that naturally sound and feel good to him. The artist started his musical journey playing in heavier rock and hardcore bands, only DJing while not on tour. But there was a natural progression to being a DJ full-time, transferring his skills from one type of musician to another. Known most commonly by his stage name, Modern Machines loves the control and fun of being a DJ. Before he can bring the energy to esteemed venues all over the world, however, he puts in the work in his home studio. Modern Machines trusts his KRK RP8 ROKIT G4 White Noise Studio Monitors for reliable sound and audio quality when creating new music.

Pictured: Dimitry “Modern Machines” Mak with his KRK ROKIT G4 White Noise Studio Monitors

“I’ve been using KRKs since I started producing music. The ROKITs have been with me from my first song to my latest songs with millions of streams. I’m always able to hear what I’m working on perfectly. The monitors are also very accessible; they’re used across so many levels of professionalism, from pros to amateurs and bedroom producers. KRKs hit where you want them to hit, they’re familiar, and they just have the best price and quality.”

KRK Kreator Classic Winner Drops Beats with Legends at KRK Kreativity Bootcamp

Theronn “Clyde Strokes” Calvin Learns Beat-Making Tips and Tricks From Scott Storch, Amadeus and DJ Khalil

The first-ever KRK Kreativity Bootcamp, featuring Theronn “Clyde Strokes” Calvin, wrapped this summer. The final piece of the grand prize package from the KRK Kreator Classic, this three-day creative session was hosted by producer-mentors Scott Storch, Amadeus and DJ Khalil, and took Clyde to Gibson studios in Los Angeles and Miami, where he had a chance to collaborate, learn, and communicate with these legendary producers.

Day one brought Clyde to the Gibson Los Angeles Showroom/Studio, where he collaborated with three-time GRAMMY® Award-winning Producer, DJ Khalil. “At first, [Khalil] was trying to learn my style, so he could see what samples to play for me,” explains Clyde. “I played him some of my beats and songs and then he critiqued them, so I got a better understanding of how to arrange things. He’s really good at [using] plug-ins and [understanding] the technical specs of making beats, so I learned a lot from that. I was also able to learn how he composes, which is amazing.” DJ Khalil defined the experience as “a true collaboration,” saying, “we were talking about everything from plug-ins to how we were collaborating. We pulled [our] laptops out and were able to link them together, airdrop files and all of that.”

On the second day of bootcamp, Clyde met up with musician and Multi-platinum Producer Amadeus. “I like that when you hear [Clyde’s] tracks, you can distinguish who you hear on it,” says Amadeus. “I think that’s a very important part as a producer. It’s great to create from feeling, but you still have to say: ‘this is what I love, this is what I created, this is how I felt,’ but [also] ‘who do I hear on it?’” Following his meeting with Amadeus, Clyde expressed his gratitude for the opportunity, saying “This experience has been good for me because, while I do well on beats, I learned more about the business and networking side. Meeting with these producers has been the biggest thing in my career so far… I think there’s nothing better than what I’ve gotten from them. It’s so great being around these people and getting this information; it’s like a breath of fresh air.”

Scott Storch, the eight-time GRAMMY-winning Producer and former ASCAP Songwriter of the Year, was in the house on Clyde’s last day of Kreativity Bootcamp, sharing his industry insight. “Opportunities like this are perfect examples of ways that you can really break into the industry and be heard,” explains Storch. “That’s one of the most important things―putting your music out there in any capacity. This is a great thing and I’m happy to be a part of it.” Clyde wraps up his experience saying, “This whole thing, the KRK Kreativity Bootcamp, has been amazing. Working with all these producers from Khalil to Amadeus, to Scott Storch. They made a soundtrack to my life… It’s just been a dream come true. Bigger than the prizes and speakers, this was bigger than any of that. This has been a great experience.”

The KRK Kreator Classic put North American-based beat makers to the ultimate test, in a bracket-style competition, where participants put forth their best beats in each week with the hopes of becoming the ultimate KRK Kreator. After six weeks of pushing his creativity to the limit, Clyde Strokes came out on top. As the first-place winner, Clyde received a Grand Prize package consisting of KRK’s newest products, the S10.4 Subwoofer, CLASSIC 8 Studio Monitors, and KNS 8402 Studio Headphones, a $500 Guitar Center gift card, and a one-year BeatStars Pro membership, along with gear from some of the industry’s top brands, including iZotope, Native Instruments, Shure, and Universal Audio.

Pictured: Clyde Strokes at the Gibson LA Showroom on Day One of the KRK Kreativity Bootcamp.

All three event videos can be viewed on the KRK Kreativity Bootcamp playlist on YouTube.

Maria Linares Crafts Music Masterpieces with KRK Headphones

Colombian composer Maria Linares is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and she has the titles to back it up. Her work can be found across the entire production industry, having composed for a number of theatre, web series, film, and television projects, including the 2022 documentary Sandboy and 2019 film, Ana’s Desire, on which she has an original song featured. When she’s not composing, Linares can be found working with directors from across the globe through her production company, Fiona Records, or holding positions with progressive companies and organizations including, the Women in Music Colombia chapter, Mucine, and the Colombian Academy of Science and Cinematographic Arts. As a crucial creative mind for so many outstanding projects and groups, Linares requires a pair of headphones that will be an accurate reference and help her craft quality sound. She turns to KRK for the KNS 8402 Headphones, pairing them with her long-trusted ROKIT 5 G3 Studio Monitors for optimal performance.

“The ROKITs have been my main studio monitors for many years, but I always wanted a pair of headphones to match them, especially when I’m composing or producing away from the studio. Now I finally have a pair of the KNS 8402 Headphones, and I love them! With the KNS, I’m able to work away from my studio while getting the same sound and accuracy that I like from my monitors.”

GRAMMY Award-winning Engineer Javier Valverde Explores Dolby Atmos Mixing With KRK

New Atmos Room Includes the Brand’s V-Series Studio Monitors for Immersive Music Experiences

From the moment he first saw an audio engineer at work, GRAMMY® Award-winning Recording and Mixing Engineer Javier Valverde knew he was destined for that career path. Originally from Bolivia, Valverde later moved to Miami, where he advanced his skills, eventually working with a number of high-profile clients, including Maná, Alejandro Sanz, Brandy, and Timbaland. He also worked as T-Pain’s main engineer for nine years. When posed with the opportunity to transform his Wynwood-based mixing studio into a Dolby Atmos room, Valverde wanted a solution that was both cost-effective and provided professional results.

KRK checked all the boxes, leading Valverde to place three of the brand’s V-Series 8 Studio Monitors in the front left, center, and right of the studio, along with two additional V8 monitors in the rear. Two V-Series 6 Studio Monitors on the right and left sides, four V-Series 4 Studio Monitors in the front and back of the ceiling, and an S12 Subwoofer below his desk complete Valverde’s new Dolby Atmos room.

First introduced to KRK while assisting at The Hit Factory, Valverde was already familiar with the brand’s performance in the studio. “An engineer came in for a project I was working on and had the original V8s, and I just thought, ‘Wow, these sound really good,’” he says. “The fullness and the bottom that they were getting out of the KRKs was very clean and powerful and so much better than the regular monitors we had in the studio at that time. I found them very impressive. After finding KRK in different studios throughout my career, it was a no-brainer what monitors I would choose when I finally opened my own.”

Based in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, Valverde turned his mix studio into a custom Dolby Atmos studio with the help of friend and colleague Carlito Cobos. “I was originally mixing with KRK ROKIT 5 Studio Monitors, and I was really digging the mixes I was getting out of them; they made everything sound great,” explains Valverde. “When Carlito approached me about making an Atmos room, I didn’t think it would be in the budget, but he showed me how we could use all KRKs. He helped me with the acoustic paneling and tuning of the room, and by the time we were up and running in January, the monitors sounded great. The room is awesome.”

Since opening the doors to his new Atmos room, Valverde has been nothing short of impressed. Recent work of his includes the single “Like Dis” by Nappy Boy Entertainment artist Chayo Nash, who collaborated with the label’s front man, T-Pain, on the song. Valverde also worked on the upcoming single for Moroccan artist Ghita. “Everybody who comes into the studio is blown away,” Valverde continues. “Not only by the immersive audio but also by the way the monitors sound; they’re great. The mid-range is so clear, and you get good spacing and depth. That is what really stands out to me and to the artists coming into the studio. Plus, with the S12 sub in there, I get extra power on top of the V8s.”

Moving forward, Valverde is excited to continue creating and exploring all that his new room can offer. “I’m so happy I found this place,” he adds. “When I go to work, I’m able to clear my brain and be innovative. As a mixer, the Atmos room further enhances my creativity. It has opened so many more doors for me, and it’s so much fun! I feel so lucky and blessed to be doing this. KRK has great, affordable, and familiar solutions―I really trust the brand. With so many producers using KRK, I know that when I send my mixes over, they hear what I’m hearing. They’re so great, in fact, that I just had a client of mine order the V8s for her home studio, and she loves them. It would be crazy not to use KRK.”

For more information on Valverde’s work, find him on Instagram at @javihooch and @miamiatmos, or reach out at

Diamante Eléctrico Relies on KRK for Accurate Listening and Production

Colombian Rock Band Trusts Brand’s V-Series 6 Studio Monitors and S10.4 Subwoofer for New Album

Looking to carve their own path in the industry, singer and bassist Juan Galeano and guitarist Daniel Alvarez joined forces with one goal in mind: creating a rock and roll band. After years of making music in different ensembles,the pair formed Colombian rock band Diamante Eléctrico. With three Latin GRAMMY® wins and a 2021 GRAMMY nomination under their belt, Galeano and Alvarez are now turning their focus to the band’s forthcoming studio album. For this new record, which includes the singles “Daniboy,” released May 11, and “Colibrí,” released June 23, the duo wanted gear they could trust to provide accurate listening both in and out of the studio. For this, the group selected KRK V-Series 6 Studio Monitors for their personal workspaces, with Alvarez also having a S10.4 Subwoofer.

Daniel Alvarez of Diamante Eléctrico

“KRK has been a very recognizable brand to me for many years,” explains Alvarez. “Even before I decided to build my home studio before the pandemic, I knew it was the brand to choose. I have seen KRK’s studio monitors used in so many different situations—professional studios and smaller ones, and for every genre of music. It was one of those scenarios where I knew I had to have KRK gear once I built a studio of my own. They’re everywhere, so it’s a trusted reference you’ll most likely find wherever you go.”

The distinctive yellow cones and captivating sound are what impressed Galeano, leading him to select the gear for his home studio. “I’m currently using the KRK V-Series 6 Studio Monitors, but I have used KRK speakers and headphones throughout the years,” he says. “The V6s are reliable, real, good-looking, and very affordable for their features and quality. They have always been easy to incorporate into my workflow, from smaller setups to my full-size studio. KRKs deliver everytime, in every way.”

Alvarez features a similar set up in his personal studio, adding a KRK S10.4 Subwoofer to pair with his V-Series 6 Studio Monitors. “My V6s are very accurate and always create a truthful sound for my music,” he explains. “It’s a great balance between enjoying yourself in the studio and having the ability to be critical about what you’re listening to.”

Juan Galeano of Diamante Eléctrico

That reliable, critical listening is exactly what the duo was looking for when working on their upcoming album. “Our new record has the KRKs all over it,” explains Galeano. For their upcoming release, most of the duo’s pre-production, overdubs, and vocals were all mixed using the V6 studio monitors. “The entirety of my vocals and guitar for our four-time Latin GRAMMY- and GRAMMY-nominated album Mira Lo Que Me Hiciste Hacer were also recorded with KRK,” adds Alvarez. “As a guitarist, finding a pair of monitors that I trust to record through is quite the challenge. The V6s are loud and move enough energy to keep you excited, but they also keep the audio truthful and accurate.”

Whether working on a personal project or creating music for Diamante Eléctrico, the duo continues to trust KRK. “I’ve listened to many other brands before, and I can say that only the KRKs feel like home,” finishes Alvarez. Galeano agrees, saying “I’ve used KRK on every project I have worked on for the last 20 years and they are an essential tool for me as a producer and musician. They have a great low-end and they complement all the other gear I use. My mixes always work with the KRKs since they’re such an accurate reference point for producing, mixing, and evaluating masters.”

KRK Rocks the House for Producer Barry Pointer

As a Los Angeles-based producer and owner of Riott House Studio, Barry Pointer works alongside some of the biggest names in music. After starting his career in music for film and television, Pointer decided to focus more exclusively on his passion for music producing, recording, and mixing and went all in, building his first studio in LA. Today, his newest studio, Riott House, operates as both a space to host artists and their production teams, and a private studio where Pointer can personally work on projects that come to him. With a client base that includes the likes of The Creatures, L.A. Rats (Nikki Sixx, Rob Zombie, John 5, Tommy Clufetos), Vixen, and more, Pointer knew he needed monitors that would accurately project what he intends to be heard by the listener. For this, he selected KRK V-Series 8 Studio Monitors to get the authentic, natural sound that he and his clients love.

Pictured: Barry Pointer with his KRK V-Series 8 Studio Monitors at Riott House Studio

“When I set up the KRK V8 Studio Monitors, I instantly fell in love with what I was hearing, not only in the studio but when I listen back in other environments as well. There is no color in the sound; no boosted low end; no over accentuated mids or highs. It’s just a well-balanced sound that completely represents my mixes. Over the years, I have tried many different studio monitors, some two and three times the price of the V8s, and the V8s are the winner for me.” 

KRK Delivers for Tyler Cain’s Genre-Defying List of Production Work

Producer Embodies Nashville’s Diverse Music Scene with Brand’s V-Series 8 Studio Monitors and KNS 8402 Headphones

Powered by passion and inspired by diversity, Artist and Producer Tyler Cain has been taking the Nashville music scene by storm. After growing up in Virginia and honing his guitar skills performing in local bars, Cain moved to “Music City, USA” looking to turn his hobby into a career. What he found was a group of mentors, friends, and inspiration that moved him to embrace and explore the industry as a producer. Today, Cain continues to produce and program new music from his home studio, with credits on multiple GRAMMY-nominated albums of the year and a diverse portfolio of artists to show for it. For his production work, Cain needs to trust his gear to handle the variety of genres he works with, which is why he chose to deck out his home studio with KRK V-Series 8 Studio Monitors and KNS 8402 Headphones.

After getting his first taste of KRK in studios throughout Nashville, Cain remembers being instantly impressed. “The monitors always sounded so good in any circumstance, no matter the scenario we put them in, whether on the road and throwing a pair up in a hotel room or using them in a fancy studio,” he says. “Right out of the gate, they sound and feel good. I love the low-end on the V8s, it’s really tight and warm, and I’ve found a lot of success using them on an eclectic range of projects. I also have five pairs of the KNS headphones that I use personally, and for any musician who comes into the studio. They’re fully incorporated into my entire workflow, so I’m super comfortable with them. I’ve probably written hundreds of songs using them.”

Cain has kept his new KRK gear busy with a variety of new projects this past year. Most recently, he produced The Covers, a collaboration with Americana artists Ashley Monroe, Ruston Kelly, and Britney Spencer, and did some songwriting and programming work on Gramps Morgan’s GRAMMY-nominated reggae album, Positive Vibration. He also collaborated with his country-pop star wife Meghan Linsey on her newest single “If You Need Me, Don’t,” and is currently finishing up his own personal album to be released later this year.

Cain thrives in collaborative environments, often sharing ideas with hip-hop star and close friend, Chingy. “He has definitely inspired the hip-hop style in my productions,” Cain explains. “The KRKs are great for that style; I don’t miss a thing with the amazing low-end. I’ve also been using the V8s and KNS 8402 Headphones for live streams with Colbie Caillat. No matter the genre or scenario, KRK can really handle the music well.”

Priding himself on the diversity of genres he’s been able to work with, Cain credits his move to Nashville for exposing him to these opportunities. “There is such an eclectic range of styles I work on,” he says, “and I attribute a lot of that to just being in this town, surrounded by so many different people and artists. Moving here really influenced my outlook on music as a career. Working with and being mentored by engineers like Justin Cortelyou, Charles Yingling and Brett Meyer, people who I’m now able to call friends, helped open my eyes to the vastness of the music world. Doing those sessions in the studio with the pros morphed my creativity, and I’m now able to have my own identity and put my own music out.”

To perfect his personal style, Cain completes all his production work from his home studio in Nashville; a free-standing facility located in his backyard. Built during the COVID-19 pandemic, he relied on music engineering friends and the KRK Audio Tools app to get the perfect layout for his new studio. “The app was super helpful with aligning my V8s in the new studio,” explains Cain. “I used that to fine-tune them because I know how great they can sound, and I really love to lean on the monitors for that when I’m creating with somebody. They keep a positive momentum during the session and get everyone excited about what you’re working on.”

Cain also loves the way his monitors keep the energy alive during the creative process. “I think collaborations are super important to the creative process,” he notes. “I want to know what I’m going to get when I play music for my clients. When I bounce my mix down, the V8s transition to other speakers better than any other monitor. I want my clients to be excited and feel the positive energy of hearing their song for the first time, and there’s something about the KRKs that make that happen.”